Kasia Maroney Conservation, LCC

Fine art conservation and restoration in Trumansburg, NY


Please contact me to discuss your specific project. Each object is truly different, and the material will drive the conservation methodology. 

 I am happy to provide examples from my portfolio, and references upon request. 


Some of the materials treated include:

 · Antique picture frames

Cleaning and repair, from small chips and light wear to major damage and large missing gilded sections

 · Ceramics

Repair and restoration of earthenware, stoneware, and porcelain, including repairing breaks, filling chips, sealing cracks, and creating missing  pieces of all ceramic sculpture, collectibles, dinnerware, and decorative arts

 · Marble, alabaster, plaster, and other minerals

Restoring and carving or casting new parts for sculpture, decorative objects, and home furnishings such from marble tabletops and outdoor limestone, to plaster casts and mica lampshades

· Glass

Repair, consolidation, and waterproof crack sealing

 · Ivory, wood, and other organic objects

Cleaning and repairing, from small carvings to full-scale figures, including mixed-media masks, ethnographic objects, and decorations that include tortoise shell, bone, horn, and mother of pearl

 · Metal

Pepair, restoration, polishing, waxing, and lacquering of brass, silver, and other metal objects, including rewiring electric lamps